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Annual reports that record CG's phases of growth, change and development
Annual reports Crompton Greaves
Background Our annual reports for Crompton Greaves from 2007 to 2015 tell the story of the company in its most significant years.
During these years, Crompton Greaves turned around its financials to significant profitability, expanded its business by overseas acquisitions, widened its ambit to more ambitious power solutions, and saw a partial change of ownership as recessions overseas dampened its prospects.
In 2010, Crompton Greaves also adopted a new identity, and saw a consolidation of its international operations, bringing more geographic integration. In recent years, it has attempted to add sophisticated 'smart' technologies to its power management portfolio, and strengthened its heavy transformer and consumer businesses.
Design Over these years, ICD's covers and annual reports' thematic designs have taken the most significant issues in each year and conveyed them with clarity, responsibility and power. Put together, they tell the story of an interesting company under the leadership of two different CEOs.
Annual reports
Annual reports
Annual reports