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Wild Stone gets liquid potency. Just one spray is enough
Wild Stone Perfume Body Spray series Futurebrands & McNroe
Background The deo market saw the entry of a disruptive brand, using liquid instead of aerosol gas to deliver the perfume. Along with aggressive pricing, it sold on an 'honest value' platform. This has caused a slew of competitors to react, including Wild Stone.
Brand Thinking One of the tasks was to convey the new in-between category, priced midway between perfume and deo, and so to make a clear break from deos in general, and Wild Stone deos in particular. The all-liquid spray could not have been launched on a value platform; its own brand story needed to emerge intact.
Design Liquid sprays need a smaller spray volume to deliver the perfume. The communication is built around the same idea. 
Accordingly, the design solution compresses the brand mark into a small spray, condensing and concentrating its power. The small spray immediately conveys potency, a value compatible with the Wild Stone brand space. The series' names are expressed as a range of metals, again in keeping with Wild Stone's masculinity.
With the use of the small mark, a large amount of 'black' space is created. This also helps to establish the desired premiumised position, and distances it from the crowd of deodorants while still being recognisably a Wild Stone product.
A promo package, which was to be given out in the form of free samples at the time of introducing the product into the market, was also designed. The box played with the idea of a shot glass, where only a small amount of liquid is needed for maximum potency.
Wild Stone Perfume Body Spray series
Wild Stone Perfume Body Spray series
Wild Stone Perfume Body Spray series