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Your business is built on an idea. We can lead you to find it.

It's a matter of discovering your best strength, forming a strategy to use it to your benefit.
An idea gives direction and thrust. And if your audience 'gets' your idea, through your products, spaces, people and communications, they will pay you with their preference.

We call this a journey to advantage. We can help you discover your idea, express it and help you execute it.

Depending on your stage in the journey, your organisation, product, brand, or service will have different needs.

When it is starting out, and trying to win the support of its first customers, it needs to preserve its founding inspiration, but flexibly adapt to the market. Start off right.

Once past the survival stage, a bigger league beckons. But what got it here won't get it there. It's time to commit to an idea, with new resources and behaviours. Move over, big boys.

Further down the road, the established brand finds perhaps that its packaging and advertising are pulling in opposite directions, variants are cluttering the shelf, and its customers are younger. It must renew its strengths and shed useless baggage. It needs clarity, alignment and consistency.

Later yet, a once-invincible brand stares at irrelevance: well known, loved, but not bought. It may need to restage for fresh relevance, or be reborn in a new avatar. Re-staging.

What's your stage? Write in for a free session with us, and discuss the next step of your journey.

Brand Strategy



A brand is a feeling that customers attach to your name. It is refreshed daily: by your products, where you sell them, your people, or your advertising. Unify all these under a powerful idea and your customers 'get' what you're about; don't and you risk being ignored. We help you find it and shape it to your advantage.

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People make choices by comparing things, ranking them, and ignoring what they can't put in a slot. Your position is 'where' you are on their mental map and is essential to a go-to-market plan. We help you define and clarify yours. Next stop: your identity.

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IDENTITY: Me, Moi, मै

Your brand exists in reference to others, but also has an individual voice. It's more than a logo: it has beliefs, values and a culture. It looks a certain way, and speaks in a certain tone. This is its identity, and it can be defined and designed to magnetically attract an audience. We can help you shape yours.

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Will your new product need its own brand or prosper under your existing one? The question is vital. Without a clear picture of the 'whole', complex brands can confuse customers, and destroy value. A clear organisation amplifies your brand over time. There's a spectrum of solutions: we help you decide.


Brands have evolved, and today they must compete for shrinking mindspace. A name lodged in memory is a tangible asset. Modern names need to become web properties, be extendable, or even enter popular speech. We help clients make a name—one that fits in and stands out.

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In the course of our work, we use mind-opening workshops to clarify a problem, or look at a brand anew. You can ask us for one even if you're not working with us on a specific project. We've helped businesses imagine a shared picture of success, chart a five year journey, or gather around a mandate.

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Brand Expression

Design is at the centre of the brand. Some businesses may survive, or even thrive, without a consciously managed brand. Every business, with or without a 'bible', needs a deliberate design effort to deliver on its promise to customers, and ensure its sustainability. (Disagree? Write to us).


Identity: Products+Services

Visual identities appear at more touchpoints than ever before, and they need to do it without losing their central plot: to remind customers and audiences why they bought into the brand. It must engage and be relevant. To simply be identified is not enough. Start here.

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Visual Systems: Memory Links

Attention is shrinking every day. Visual systems are organised around a single, powerful theme that links products, packaging, retail spaces, or screens in the audience's mind, keeping it salient. We can help you create such a presence. Stay in the game.

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Corporate Identity

The corporate brand is increasingly under scrutiny—by everyone, everywhere. Shaping one energises your company, while making it clear and impactful. Vividly stated values, sharply minted into a crisp, memorable mark, make for an invaluable reminder of your worth.

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Marketing Communications

Benefits and promises are the message, but will your brochure be noticed and recalled when it matters? Connect using emotion and personality, to enter consumers' minds, and with distinctive visual branding, build a memory link to the product. Branded communication lasts, in print, on the web or in the store.

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Corporate Communications

Enlightened companies clearly understand their responsibility to all their stakeholders. Their industry-leading annual reports let the common shareholder, and expert alike, understand the company. ICD works with you to create thematically relevant, brand-led reports and corporate communications.

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EDITORIAL Design: The Story

Whether print or web, only engaging content, displayed with user-informed design, creates readership. And only distinctive design creates brand value on the newsstand or the web, by ensuring that readers tell you apart from the blur of media. ICD helps develop magazines, newspapers, responsive websites or apps that can be both popular and different.

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Packaging: Get Grabbed

Visually distinctive packaging gets noticed on the shelf, conveys the brand, and appeals emotionally to the sub-conscious when in the shopper's hand. Memorable packaging harvests positive user experiences leading to re-purchase. ICD studies brand, shelf and shopper to create a marketing asset.

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DIGITAL: Website and Apps

Getting value from your business' web presence, needs a focus on users, design and brand. We begin with the business and the content, and conceive a strategy to win your users over. It's wrapped in a smooth user experience and a design that speaks in your brand's voice. Finally, we help you implement it.

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