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Science, health, taste and product: what's the essence?
brand essence Nestle R&D India
Background The creation of Nestle R&D India put India on Nestle's global R&D map. We were asked to articulate the brand to inspire future employees, and clarify its raison d'être to its Nestle India colleagues and the Indian public.
Problem Finding With no employees to interview, ICD used role-plays to surface the issues. Nestle managers took turns to interrogate an imaginary Nestle R&D employee, playing the roles of Nestle's stakeholders: distributors, investors, housewives, activists or scientists.
Analysing the conversations revealed a sense of apprehension on the organisation's intent. Would it be exploitative and arrogant? How was this large, visible investment to benefit the company and the country? 
Solution A detailed proposition for Nestle R&D India, and a slogan, "Making Research Relevant, Relatable, Responsive", guide the work of the organisation. Finally, the essence, "Good Science, Good For India" affirms its positive intent for Indian research and health, its capabilities, and its tastes and traditions.
Documentation All this was captured in two illustrated documents. The first details its thrust and spirit, providing support for communicators and managers. The second extends the brand to architecture, suggesting architectural elements that harmonise Nestle’s Swiss values with the Indian context.
brand essence
brand essence
brand essence