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Carefully crafted with love for your loved ones: innocence, childhood and memory
brand identity & website Almirah
Background Almirah is a family owned and run business that makes clothes, bedding and accessories for children. It brings an 'Indian edge' to its work. We were approached to brand and create an identity for them, at launch.
Discovery At first glance, Almirah sits in a crowded stylistic space: one facet of its style uses traditional prints for western-cut clothes, another references Indian pop art symbols. A few other themes can be seen. With this eclectic mix and its unique focus on children, it wins a position apart from other brands that share stylistic attributes. 
Brand Idea In our synthesis, Almirah is for westernised Indians looking to re-connect, via their children, with an Indianness that may have been lost or needs to be preserved, for the joy it offers, not as a burden. Almirah celebrates childlike charm and innocence, never seeking to make miniature adults out of kids. It sees parenting as a joy: the clothes emphasise comfort and practicality. It shuns ostentation: there is a basic, improvised quality to its products.
Almirah is about innocence on the one hand and tradition on the other. In this way, it is about the idealised memory of a childhood when life was simple, tradition easily mixed into the flow of life, and your mother's almirah was a store of magic and comfort.
Design The logo fronts a soft, childlike image. It employs the elephant as a central motif of the identity. The brand also influenced the store design, with an improvised, rapidly-put-together theme, with semi-exposed brickwork and shelves made of packing crates on iron brackets. An old sewing machine sits in the store as a reminder of its essential values.
brand identity & website
brand identity & website
brand identity & website