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A better road for trucking
Eicher Live branding Eicher
Background Eicher trucks' Live is a telematics device fitted into its flagship Pro series. It tracks trucks' location and the fuel consumption, the largest head of expense, in real time, making the data available for fleet management through its servers. It can also sense engine faults, alerting owners and Eicher's service network to schedule service and thus manage downtime.
Objectives Live is an attractive addition to the feature set of the Pro Series of trucks. But we realized that if Eicher could drive adoption, it would be able to prove that the Pro Series is a superior economic proposition. This would in turn drive the demand for the Pro.
Discovery Conversations with dealers and fleet owners revealed a wealth of ideas. The key considerations for logistics companies are fuel, utilization and downtime. But these are managed bluntly, depending heavily on the driver's integrity and skill or using crudely distrustful methods to limit losses. But owners and managers do have a stake in improving this.
Strategy In Eicher Live, we saw the potential to modernize the trucking business. Drawing on an owner's wish that he could "put eyes in the truck", we synthesized this urge with the desire for a more rational—and human— way of managing the business. The organising idea "trucking intelligence" applies in both senses.
Solution But how to create a win-win, bringing the all-important driver into the equation? By making adoption a displayed, public movement, as a sign of prideful participation in a better league of business.
The logo itself is designed to display and drive adoption. It's envisaged as a mark of quality, not a symbol decorating a visiting card. This mark, displayed on the truck's windshield and rear, enables a system for making 'levels' vial the bars in the logo, for a single truck or for the business as a whole. It propels inquiry and conversation.
This gamified approach extends into our proposal of a self-monitored driving performance app that tracks driver performance. By putting his data in his own hands, it allows firms to correct and incentivise driving performance, far from the distrust of surveillance.
The distinctive camera corners and its headline style suggest a machine behind the works, an always-on rational intelligence.
Brand guidelines covered promotional literature, signage, and dealership zones.
All in all, Eicher Live' s trucking intelligence is the harbinger of a better way for the entire road logistics industry, based on rationality, humanity and ceaseless betterment.
Impact A successful brand launch at the Auto Expo 2016 was credited in part for an uptick in sales performance in the quarter following the launch.
Eicher Live branding
Eicher Live branding
Eicher Live branding