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Background In 2006, Gateway House is India's first independent, private sector think-tank on foreign affairs funded by the Mahindra group and TVS, among others. The site helps the organisation reach the public through its general interest papers and articles on foreign affairs, as well as serves the academic community as a repository of scholarship by academics and professional diplomats.
Approach The richness of Gateway House's content needed to be revealed clearly and without overwhelming the reader. Articles are organised in a matrix, linking them with geo-politcal zones or countries as well as under domain verticals such as Defence or Economics. Search functionality made it possible for a user to zero in on very specific information, by allowing for horizontal and vertical filteration fields. Interactive maps and an events section keeps the site alive for those who need to quickly know what's happening in a given area.
Design Rigorous and authoritative as Gateway House is, the site offers an accessible environment for the reader. It's leavened with colour, resulting in a pleasant, magazine-like display. Though designed in the non-responsive era the site still continues to serve the client well.
Gateway House website
Gateway House website
Gateway House website