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A mother institution teaches three of her children to teach
group of school identities Birla Edutech
Problem The Yashovardhan Birla group’s foray into education envisaged a mother organisation to provide training, technology, finance and leadership to a family of educational institutions, covering pre-schools, K-12 and after-school enrichment programmes. 
Brand Idea BE is a ‘nurturer and facilitator’, with the personality of a ‘keeper of values’—a mother. 
Identity Design The final solution expresses the brand idea by representing Birla Edutech (colloquially BE), as 'carrying the seed of its child institutions in its womb'. BE’s environmentally sensitive identity is expressed through colour and form. 
Communication BE’s values in education, which respect traditional knowledge along with contemporary knowledge and skill, are expressed. The group believes in borderless learning—like teaching physics and history in the same lesson. 
Products At present, BE has three brands. Elevate is an after-school enrichment programmes. Globe Tot'ers is a preschool. The third, Open Minds, is their foray into a full K to 12 school. When these three identities are placed along with Open Minds they must form a family of institutions that celebrate development and play. Each brand draws from and aligns culturally with the mother brand, yet each has distinct identities.
Elevate is based on enrichment via theatre and art that can transform childrens’ personalities in a manner that school cannot. The Elevate initial is conceived as a spring form emphasising a dramatic impact and an engaging experience through play and performance. 
Globe Tot’ers identity is located in the narrative world of the child, populated with birds, insects and flowers. The bird leaving the globe suggests the exit from one stage of development and entry into another. These two brands have similar voices, based on play, but with a different expression of culture. 
Open Minds, the flagship institution, requires an inspiring identity with an internal narrative that is as important as its external aspect. School leaders, staff and, eventually, parents need to be aligned.
group of school identities
group of school identities
group of school identities