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Packaging sparkling water with crystalline purity and Himalayan mystique
Himalayan Sparkling packaging Tata Global Beverages
Background Tata Global Beverages, after a successful entry into the natural mineral water segment with Himalayan, aspired to enter the sparkling water segment. The brand appeal of Himalayan lies in its high quality and premium imagery. The product itself differentiates with its competitors on grounds of purity (presence of natural minerals), and claims to be untouched and unprocessed, living up to its tagline of ‘Live Natural’. With the ambition of becoming the perfect beverage among wellness seekers, Himalayan was now entering into sparkling water.
Problem Himalayan’s successful mineral water gets a sparkling version. It needs to draw on Himalayan’s equity and be unmistakably different, to avoid devaluing the category. The product would be priced lower than imported sparkling waters, and also be distributed abroad.
Brand Thinking Source bottled waters answer to the belief that the body accumulates impurities, while water removes them, at a bodily and mystically deep level. Second, mineral waters have source/origin equity, and the Himalayas are seen in this light. They are also 'sage' and 'above it all'.
Design The design fuses sparkling, crystalline forms—seeing ice as a crystal to create the visual metaphors for purity. Crystal + Ice = Sparkling + Himalayas. The transparent label reveals the Himalayan mountains ‘behind’ the water, driving the crystal purity home. The text captures the sage Himalayan persona, gently chiding the city dweller.
Himalayan Sparkling packaging
Himalayan Sparkling packaging
Himalayan Sparkling packaging