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Front line hiring gets respect, and the demise of the bucket shop employment consultant
Hired identity PeopleStrong
Background Frontline jobs—entry-level positions in service industries like insurance or automotive sales—are a feature of India's expanding service economy. Our client offers shared HR services to large companies, and an outsourced recruitment processing service was a logical completion. We were approached to brand the new business.
Gathering Insight Existing recruiters operate from the many bucket shops that dot Indian cities. Company HR managers rely on them to keep up with their business' chaotic appetite for people. It's often a cynical business, where processes are subverted, candidates coached to fudge applications, and viewed as a herd to be led to the employers' gates. A job could be wrested, but pride sacrificed.
Better candidates tended to apply directly to companies, but in small numbers. The shops provided quantity, of mostly poorer quality candidates, and tended to repel the few better ones. A lose-lose.
Strategy We persuaded the client that the new brand should adopt an entirely different model and aim to attract better employees or 'confident seekers'. Surely, the existing shops insulted the expectations of educated youth? Our shops would be bright and pleasant walk-in spaces, modeled on coffee shops instead of employment offices. Crucially, it would treat candidates as customers, restoring self-respect to the trade.
Brand The brand sports a strongly upbeat, optimistic personality. The sites were branded 'Jobstores' that offer a choice of jobs and assist in making the right selection, being fair and professional towards both the candidates and the employers.
Named "Hired!" to signal positivity, it's expressed through signage, interior spaces, and as many communication vectors we thought we could control. Naturally, behaviour guidelines accompanied the graphic design principles.
Hired identity
Hired identity
Hired identity