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Experience, expertise and a light touch. Performance is a people thing
Identity & Communication Strategy Exper Executive Education
Background The client's offer is corporate training for leadership development. They help teams of top management to function better in terms of realising how interpersonal relationships and positive psychology can improve business outcomes.
Problem Space The client's excellent reputation as trainers was anchored on their experiential methods, using the outdoors as a training ground. But this business, which focuses on top management, required consulting skills with a different flavor. A new brand was needed.
Solution Space The brand would have to leverage the known strengths of the promoters, but ignore their outdoors past. This re-invention took the form of an identity and a defining piece of communication. 
Naming We developed the name Exper. It's a word fragment common to many words: expertise and experience being among them. The line "Experience Performance" captures the proposition. Phonetically, its short length and vowel ending give it the lightness of touch that's in keeping with the training style espoused by the client.
Visual Identity The symbol visually spells out "ex" and an incomplete infinity. The suggestion of a fish hints at the outdoors, but can be narrated as the individual in a shoal of colleagues. The word mark also carries a hint of the symbol's flavour so that it can be used independently in certain defined cases.
Communication A defining brochure lays out the new value proposition and product offering. It goes deep into the subject of team functioning, using stationery from the office desk as vehicles for handwritten text and as metaphors for dysfunctions, benefits, goals and methods. People sense the authentic personal style of the team, which dispenses with the authoritative tone beloved of consultants, preferring a human, non-academic and a sleeves-rolled-up attitude to work.
Identity & Communication Strategy
Identity & Communication Strategy
Identity & Communication Strategy