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A low carbon, high integrity, long sighted catalyst for cleaner energy
identity & communication Shakti
Background Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation is an NGO that works in the advocacy space. It argues for low carbon solutions, lobbying with and assisting government and industry to adopt more sustainable energy usage, via low-carbon alternatives and technologies.
Brand Considerations Shakti's desired image is as a trusted advisor on sustainable energy matters. It is a catalyst in the true sense: it provokes and accelerates a course of action without operative involvement in the process. So trust and neutrality are crucial, more so as it is receives funding from multinational corporations.
Identity A letter mark, whose symmetry and monumental nature ensure its calm, rational and trust worthy personality as a constructive, durable presence. Research shows that symmetrical symbols are perceived as the most trust worthy. The letter S offers dynamic symmetry (as opposed to a simple reflective or mirror symmetry). The halves of the S interlock, leading the eye to its center, and engendering feelings of partnership and nurturing. When placed on an application, the mark appears to endorse the contents rather than draw attention to itself.
Extension The branding is extended into its four verticals of operation: power, energy efficiency, transport, and climate policy. A design language is developed and used consistently across print collaterals and a website.
identity & communication
identity & communication
identity & communication