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The joy of doing leads to the thrill of winning. It's an inside story
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Background In a previous avatar, the clients were among the pioneers of the summer camp business in India, having worked with 9000 children for over a decade, and bringing safety, professionalism and fun to outdoor activity. The new avatar was to compete with the original business, continuing to position it as learning beyond mere fun activity. But the new business needed a fresh take. 
Discovery Working closely with the team, we re-examined the promise of uncovering inner potential. It emerged that parents were ambivalent about whether life's lessons could be drawn from a summer break. But they were more receptive to a less abstract idea: that good behaviours and habits could be learned by example and socialisation. Similarly, that interests were mind-expanding and could be acquired by exposure. Our client provided both.
These led to the idea of "the joy of doing" built around a promise of constructive enjoyment, and an abundance of activity. Now the brand needed to balance the brand's serious objective of personal growth with the vital first step of the joy of doing. We saw a hyper-active, vibrant, even unruly personality that unabashedly adopts a child's voice. The parent is thus addressed through this voice, as though in first-person. 
Expression The name Inme is coined as an acknowledgement of the notion of inner potential, as a contraction of "infinite me". This provides the serious ballast to the brand. A personifying symbol or avatar allows it to wear many hats (and helmets) and animates the communication, as a quiet conscience keeper. 
Over the years a series of print and other promotions have continued along this vein. The identity has been evolved over the years in response to market feedback, to better suit older boys and girls. The Inme Summer Challenges provided a perfect avenue to do this. Despite the evolution, the idea and the overall sentiment has been preserved.
The project shows the advantage of starting with a powerful idea that leads to the creation of a brand imbued with its own personality, allowing it to stand out in a crowded market, and for a second act business to compete with its first.
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