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An education brand that makes the outdoors a classroom, and helps create self-learning schools
Inme schools brochure Inme
Background "When you hear, you remember; when you experience, you learn". This is the principle behind the Inme Schools which offer a unique programme built as a graded curriculum for classes 4 to 12. Using designed activities in outdoor settings, it stages powerful learning experiences. With reflection, participants can discover authentic self-understanding, teamwork and leadership. Inme Schools also tailors these programmes for school teachers and school leaders, offering the same benefits.
Problem The programme gets bracketed with summer adventure programmes. This is because both have activities like river-rafting and rock climbing. School leaders reduce them to their physical activity content, treating learning as incidental or non-existent. Worse, some products also make vague claims of education, which are hard to deny or confirm.
Brand Idea When we put the student and teacher programmes together, we saw a different, elevated offer: the potential of a unique culture of leadership and student engagement, and a transformed school for teachers and students, especially leaders, who would value such a school. 
'The Self Learning School' envisages students and teachers with a greater insight into their own drives, those of others, and the impact of individual actions on groups. The phrase implies both learning about the self as well as a culture of self-starters, where every individual takes charge of the team goal, rather than a culture of command and obedience.
Expression The brochure content and style portrays an accessible course prospectus, rather than a commercial brochure. It eschews tempting colour photographs for explanatory diagrams. Examples from research and discussions or definition of technical terms create a valuable reference for educators, destroying any link with an adventure product. The curriculum's name, Outclass, conveys both method and result.
Inme schools brochure
Inme schools brochure
Inme schools brochure