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Training a company wide workforce had to be academic, boring and inconsistent. Until...
Innergise brochure Exper Executive Education
Background Innergise offers learning and development (L&D or 'training') services to companies. Its product addresses the bulk of the corporate staff pyramid, from its base upwards, excluding only the top management at its apex.
Problem Innergise believes it offers a quality product, with quality trainers, programme design and a team with varied and rich business experience. But HR managers are tone-deaf to this pitch, due to the inertia of the status quo induced by large scale training programmes.
Unearthing the Issues HR managers must disburse L&D budgets mandatorily, reducing the incentive to be selective. Planning is a headache; especially for simultaneous, multi-city programmes. Finally, the manager believes that quality training always loses the battle against scale. This sets a low bar for quality, locking manager and provider in a mutual race to the bottom. 
Strategy Many HR managers still feel and voice this pain, yet yearn for and believe in that possibility of quality training. If these managers could recognise their pain in our message, they would be receptive to the solution that Innergise was designed to be. 
Solution A problem-solution brochure. We worked with Innergise to bring out each of these felt pains; each spread pinpoints and dramatises one of them. Objects from the manager's everyday life—pens, evaluation forms, diaries—serve as metaphors for the manager's pain and replay it to her. It's intensified by the sardonic copy running through the illustration, while a solution is proposed on the right. The repetition of the objects evokes the debilitating effect of scale.
The result is a communication that empathises with the enlightened L&D head, while revealing Innergise as a committed, authentic and refreshing bunch, a ray of positivity in the training scene. In the client's words,"it raised our credibility and proved the business case for this model."
Innergise brochure
Innergise brochure
Innergise brochure