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A ministry gets real about engaging adolescents on health and life
RKSK identity & handbook UNFPA
Background The Rashtriya Kishor Swasthya Karyakram was devised for the Ministry of Health. It aims to counsel and support adolescents (11-17 years) to lead healthier lives. Nutrition, disease, sexual behaviour and social interaction are in its ambit. We were called by UNFPA, a project sponsor, to create an identity and a field guide.
Discovery The key question: Why identify adolescents as having special needs, and as targets for intervention? Because the restless energy of those years and the forming, but inadequate, emotional maturity leads to high-risk behaviours. These can permanently undermine health, social and economic outcomes for young adults, who are vital components of the national demographic.
Strategy That the target audience—health workers and officials—can be apathetic towards policy and strategy documents, which are often officious, stiff and rarely engaging. The RKSK handbook was well written so that it could defeat this perceptual inertia, and officials might be likelier keep it in view.
Idea Giving RKSK a personality that gets attention. It inserts the idea that adolescents have unique needs, and alerting them to why this programme separately addresses them. This makes it distinct from existing, often overlapping, health programmes. 
Handbook Through the handbook, RKSK gets the persona of an adolescent. The book's ‘dress’ recalls the restless experimentation that young people bring to clothes and to their forming self-image. Graphics were rewritten to present highly salient conclusions, rather than to simply pace the data. The content blocks in the book were mined for their potential to be highlighted, resulting in superior engagement and accessibility.
Identity The logo clearly signals its target audience. It is designed to be highly visible, instantly recognisable and understood. Easily deployed with minimal means, it can be hand painted onto the walls of a RKSK facility.
RKSK identity & handbook
RKSK identity & handbook
RKSK identity & handbook