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In a community, each member is a part of the whole
school identity Strawberry Fields
Background Strawberry Fields is an established, successful kindergarden school in Chandigarh, now a higher secondary school.
Problem The goal of the identity is to show an education that’s socially connected, but also stresses the individual in the group.
Solution The final logo shows the strawberry unit combined into a larger strawberry, thus reflecting the idea of community. The white spaces between the forms show active children in different orientations, which add a dimension of life and play within a disciplined structure.
The brochure turns the strawberry theme into a communicative motif, extending to art and literature, as well as to mathematics or biology.
This not only reinforces a memorable symbol, creating a valuable visual brand asset, but implants the thought that learning is based on real examples interlinked by ideas, rather than taught in isolated silos.
school identity
school identity
school identity