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The perfect thirst quenchers. Add ice, water and enjoy!
Summer Coolers Concentrate Haldiram's
Agenda The Indian summer has long been linked with traditional remedies for the heat: ‘sharbat’ concentrates in traditional flavours. Haldiram’s, already a big name in the market, needed to penetrate a wider class of consumers. 
Problem We hypothesised the more modern minded consumers who miss these flavours but may not connect with the imagery of the category, which tends to be dominated by local favourites. To reach them, the category needed new imagery. 
Solution The water colour theme ‘westernises’ the pack in a manner that is relatable. It evokes the powerful sensory cue of wetness, experienced as the drink slides down a parched throat. The stripes recall travelling ice cream carts, and the rich colours literally trickle down the cool, white paper surface. These, with the lettering, create memory assets that shoppers can identify with. Ingredient, ice and straw propping completes the picture. The illustration runs seamlessly around the pack, achieving a billboarding effect when packs of one variant are placed in a block, with different facing sides. 
The tetra packs were ready to drink, therefore, the design was further evolved to make them stand out as new products using the same visual mnemonics as the large bottles.
Summer Coolers Concentrate
Summer Coolers Concentrate
Summer Coolers Concentrate