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Unlocking the animal attraction of Wild Stone
Wild Stone brand refresh Futurebrands & McNroe
Problem A nine year old brand, with an established brand story, needed a packaging refresh responding to user feedback about its ‘tired’ appearance. The brief called for ‘evolutionary’ change.
Strategy Close examination of the agency's research led us to the hypothesis that users were missing an assertive and charged personality, rather than the understated one presented by the packaging.
Brand Idea We argued for a personality more in tune with the advertising which promotes the myth of surprise sexual encounters in everyday settings, initiated by the woman. We, thus, exploited the brand’s ‘claw mark’ device which expresses the idea powerfully, and displayed it blatantly. This change has resulted in a memorable and iconic visual asset.
Bold New Advertising Advertising agency O&M responded to the direction given by the pack, and immediately set the agenda for a new, emboldened view of the brand.
A New Signature The brand’s signature line was also redesigned in keeping with the aggressive new identity, suggesting the ‘torn off’ piece of fabric, perhaps the evidence of a sudden sexual incident.
Extension With the original deo range established as the ‘new normal’, we are assisting the client in creating a range architecture that encompasses perfumes and products that move up the price ladder by adapting the identity for newer markets and retail formats, but with the same core promise.
Wild Stone’s journey into modern format stores is driven by a more premium identity. The ranges will give new roles to the brand’s graphic code, revealing new facets of Wild Stone.
Wild Stone brand refresh
Wild Stone brand refresh
Wild Stone brand refresh